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Low Energy Lighting Systems

The office lighting system is powered with Low Energy bulbs and strip lights and coupled with the system being reliant on movement sensors, no energy is wasted lighting areas not in use.

With this system in place we are able to reduce our wattage requirement by over 50% over a standard system.

The sky lights in the factory have also been refurbished to let more natural light into the factory thus reducing our reliance on electric light.


All of the waste produced in the factory, be it wood or steel off cuts, is segregated into appropriate containers and is recycled. All the sawdust produced in the manufacture of our panels used in the Biomass burner to heat the factory.

Along with the small amount of waste produced in the factory, all office paper waste, cardboard, plastic and toner cartridges are all segregated and placed in the appropriate containers ready to be recycled.


We utilise an on site Clean Air Biomass Burner to cope with the large amount of saw dust produced in the manufacture of our floor panels.

This burner is certified and installed by Clean Air Systems Ltd and was commissioned in 2011 and has been running every day ever since.

The System recycles all of the heat produced in the smoke free system and pumps the heated air directly into the factory via a number of ducts and vents.

This has reduced our need for carbon fuels to almost Zero.

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