Permaflor can deliver the bespoke systems you need, which are fully compliant with PSA or BSEN specifications. Permaflor offers a wide range of bespoke panels, which can be fabricated in many different materials and finishes. Therefore, whether it is factory-bonded for new installations, replacement of existing floor covering or upgrading load performance, we can deliver customised solutions to the toughest problems.

Surface Finishes
From carpet tiles, wooden floors, veneers and vinyl, through to stone, marble and ceramics, we can incorporate your supplied materials or provide a wide selection for you to choose from. We can convert your concept into a practical and cost-effective solution.


Structural Upgrades
For existing floors that do not meet new load bearing demands, we can design a bespoke solution to upgrade its performance, whilst minimising disturbance to current operations, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of shutdowns or evacuation.

Match and Patch
Older buildings frequently involve situations where the floor system is sound, yet requires upgrading or extending and matching obsolete sizes and panel materials can be extremely difficult. As a specialist manufacturer, Permaflor can produce bespoke panels and pedestals to match any system, giving you the flexibility to match, patch and renew at a fraction of the cost.

Grid Retention
There are times when entire floors do need replacing, but where considerable disruption could be avoided by utilising the existing pedestals. This not only saves on material and installation costs, but also overcomes the need to disturb existing cabling or building services. If the pedestals are sound, but the grid size is incompatible with current panel modules, we can offer a ‘made to measure’ solution.