The following steel encapsulated products are available to meet the most common PSA specifications. Steel encapsulated products to meet other PSA specifications can be made to order.

BGM600Medium3.0 kN4.5 kN8.0 kN31mm33 kg
BGM600SMedium3.0 kN4.5 kN8.0 kN31mm33 kg
BGM600LMedium3.0 kN4.5 kN8.0 kN26mm32 kg
BGM600LSMedium3.0 kN4.5 kN8.0 kN26mm32 kg
BGH600Heavy4.5 kN-12.0 kN32mm35 kg
BGH600SHeavy4.5 kN-12.0 kN32mm35 kg
  • S = Screw fitted
  • L = Low profile



CONSTRUCTIONHigh density particleboard core. Galvanised steel encapsulation: top and bottom sheets folded and bonded with edges ribbed for added rigidity.
CERTIFICATIONAll panels tested to requirements of PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU.
LOADING SAFETY MARGINTested to withstand excess point loading factor of 3x working load.
ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCETypical panel performance 43dB airborne sound and 68dB impact sound Performance will improve depending on surface finish applied.
ELECTRICALForms electrically continuous floor that should be earthed in accordance with IEE regulations. Earthing studs can be pre-fitted to pedestals. Conductive gaskets are fitted to pedestal head.
FIRE RESISTANCEClass ‘O’ spread of flame.
WARRANTYSingle point manufacturer warranty: 25 years.
KEY DIMENSIONALLength: ± 0.4mm; Square: 600×600 ± 0.5mm; Thickness ± 0.5mm.

Product Selector Guide

InstallationTypical SuitabilityTypical Floor Height
Light Office UseBGM60070 - 300mm
General Office UseBGM60070 - 300mm
Call CentresBGM600 / BGM600S150 - 600mm
Communication RoomBGM600150 - 300mm
Banking and FinanceBGM600150 - 300mm
Plant & EquipmentBGM600S150 - 600mm
Sport Halls & GymnasiumsBGM600150 - 300mm
RetailBGM60070 - 150mm
Light IndustrialBGM600150 - 300mm
Hotels & LeisureBGM60070 - 150mm
Schools & CollegesBGM600 / BGM600S / BGM600L70 - 150mm

The decision on which Grade to specify on each project is the responsibility of the specifier, although some guidance is given in the PSA specification.